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Ben Gurion International Airport Tel Aviv (TLV)

Tel Aviv's (and Israel's) main entry point for the international traveler is Ben Gurion International Airport (referred to by its Hebrew initials Natbag by locals). The airport comprises all the usual amenities expected from a first class airport and contains one of the world's largest duty-free shopping malls for an airport of its size. The airport is the hub for a number of airlines, most notably El Al. It's also one of the most secure airports in the world, given its location.

Even though the airport is called TLV it's not actually in Tel Aviv, but rather 15km away in the town of Lod. A further 20 minute drive is needed to get to Tel Aviv. This trip can be done by train, or taxi from Ben Gurion airport. There is no bus or sherut taxi to Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion.

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